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Venue Rental

The list of our management of classrooms:

  • Tiered Classrooms (2 rooms): Room B10, B1, New Agricultural Chemistry Building (for 104 people). Room 6, Agricultural Chemistry Building (for 42 people)
  • General Classroom (1 room): Room B11, B1, New Agricultural Chemistry Building (for 27 people)

Starting from November 1st, 2016, online registration for borrowing will be implemented. The borrowing process is as follows:

  1. Before borrowing, please read the regulations: "Guidelines for Borrowing Shared Facilities in the Department of Agricultural Chemistry/ Biochemical Science & Technology ".
  2. Confirm that the venue is available for borrowing and registration (please check the classroom availability and register online through the relevant link, attaching the relevant event proposal).
  3. After review by the coordinator, you will receive an email reply and complete the borrowing procedures by logging in online.
  4. If you are unable to use the borrowed venue due to unforeseen circumstances, please remember to cancel your application online.
  • For any changes regarding classroom arrangements for courses (including lab sessions), please contact Ms. Ho Jing-Hsuan directly (, 62278).
  • For feedback on system operations, please contact Mr. Hongyu Zhao (Email:; Extension Number: 62270).

Management Regulations: Guidelines for Borrowing Shared Facilities (Please Read Before Borrowing)
(Please check online to confirm that the space is not scheduled for any classes. After borrowing, proceed to the department's website for online registration. Upon approval by the responsible person, you will receive an email reply and complete the borrowing procedure by logging in online.)

The Department of Agricultural Chemistry manages the following spaces:

  • Department Meeting Room (1 room): Room 213, Agricultural Chemistry Building
  • Tiered Classroom (1 room): Room 5, Agricultural Chemistry Building (42 people)
  • General Classrooms (2 rooms): Room 105, New Agricultural Chemistry Building (20 people); Room 106, New Agricultural Chemistry Building (42 people)
  • Discussion Rooms (2 rooms): Room 416, New Building; Room B03, New Building

For feedback, please send an email to the Classroom Management of the Agricultural Chemistry Department at or call extension 64824.