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About us

  We aim to equip students with a strong background in both biology and chemistry and prepare them for the ever-increasing challenges in the fields of basic research and scientific discovery. With the professional training and solid biochemistry foundation, our students will be able to establish research systems based on their biology knowledge and apply research tools based on their chemistry knowledge. Furthermore, they can also incorporate interdisciplinary methods integrating physics and mathematics. We study not only the microcosmic vital phenomena at the molecular level, but also the development of the biotechnology industry closely linked to our daily life. Besides basic research, we also stress the importance of biotechnology application to enable students to bring about the production of useful products with their biology and chemistry background.

  Compared with other departments associated with life science, we are more focused on chemistry-based training. We have prepared courses, including those for general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and physical biochemistry, for first and second year undergraduate students. Apart from theoretical knowledge, we have also arranged experimental courses. With basic hands-on laboratory courses, students can become proficient in the principles and operations of chemistry and biology at the molecular level. With all this training, they will be able to facilitate smoother career paths across the industry, government, and academia.