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Core faculty

Associate Professor Hsuan-Chen Wu


Assistant Professor Hsuan-Chen Wu

Hsuan-Chen Wu

Title Associate Professor 
Education Ph.D., Bioengineering, University Of Maryland, College Park, MD
Research Expertise Synthetic Biology, Biofabrication, Biotechnology
LAB Synthetic Biology & Biofabrication Lab. (AG-109A)
TEL +886-2-3366-4524
Personal webpage  


  • Synthetic Biology: Prokaryotic/eukaryotic cellular reprogramming, quorum sensing switch
  • Metabolic Engineering: Autonomous protein expression systems, RNAi, cellular pathway engineering   
  • Biofabrication: Bio-inspired assembly, bio-device interfaces, bio-nano technology
  • Biomaterials: Spider silk, stimuli-responsive natural materials, tissue engineering scaffolds

If you are interested please contact me:


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