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Associate Professor Edward Chern

Associate Professor Edward Chern

Edward Chern

Title Associate Professor 
Education Ph.D., Dept. Biophysics & Biochemistry, School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Research Expertise Cancer stem cell,Cell therapy and Regenerative medicine
LAB Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Lab. (AC2-309)
TEL +886-2-3366-4440
Personal webpage


A. Human induced pluripotent stem cell biology and application

  • Mechanism of cell reprogramming
  • iPSC generation
  • Differentiation of hepatic/pancreatic cells from human iPS cell
  • Differentiation of endothelial cells from human iPS cell

B. Cancer stem cell (liver cancer and colon cancer)

  • Self-renewal mechanism of cancer stem cells.
  • Screening novel cancer stem cell surface markers by phage display system.

C. Drug delivery (nanoparticle)

  • HCC and Colon cancer target-drug developing.


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