[教師徵聘 / FACULTY POSITION OPENING] 本系誠徵助理教授級以上專任教師三名,分別擔任應用微生物與生物技術、生物化學、營養科學等領域課程及相關實驗課程之教學,預計自2019年8月1日起聘。

  • 2018-09-28
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國立臺灣大學生化科技學系誠徵助理教授級以上專任教師三名,分別擔任應用微生物與生物技術、生物化學、營養科學等領域課程及相關實驗課程之教學,預計自2019年8月1日起聘。應徵者需具備博士學位,有博士後研究或教學經歷者尤佳。候選人研究領域以健康、醫療、糧食之基礎與轉譯研究為主,例如微生物群系、營養遺傳學與營養基因體學、應用營養學、植物生化與生技、預防與精準醫學、合成生物學等領域,但不以此為限。申請者請於自薦信註明擬申請之教學領域 (複選者請註明優先順序),並指定2014年8月1日以後之代表著作1-3篇,於2018年11月30日前連同個人履歷表、學經歷證件影本、教學計畫書、研究計畫書、歷年著作目錄及2012年8月1日以後著作電子檔,合併為單一PDF檔,寄至本系新聘教師甄選委員會電子信箱ntubst@ntu.edu.tw。另請三位推薦者於期限內直接將推薦信寄達上述電子信箱。聯絡電話:02-33662279,傳真:02-33662271,網址: http://www.bst.ntu.edu.tw



The Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, College of Life Science, National Taiwan University is inviting applications for three faculty positions at Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor level beginning on August 1, 2019. The holders of the positions are required to teach Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Biochemistry or Nutrition Science, and the corresponding laboratory courses.

The potential candidates should hold a Ph.D. degree and the preference will be given to those with postdoctoral and teaching experiences. The applicants should focus on the basic and translational research regarding health, medicine or food security, such as, but not limited to, microbiota, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, applied nutritional sciences, plant biochemistry and biotechnology, preventive and precision medicine, or synthetic biology. In the cover letter, the applicants should indicate their primary teaching area or state the priority if there is more than one qualified area, and designate one to three research papers published after August 1, 2014 as representative publication(s). The applicants should combine and convert the cover letter, curriculum vitae, diploma and working experience certificate, teaching plan, research proposal, publication list, and publication reprints (published after August 1, 2012) into a single PDF file, and send it to the Faculty Searching Committee ( ntubst@ntu.edu.tw ) by November 30, 2018. Please also arrange three references to send the letter of recommendation directly to the e-mail address above before the deadline. Contact information: Tel: +886-2-33662279, Fax: +886-2-33662271, Website: http://www.bst.ntu.edu.tw.