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The Department of Biochemical Science and Technology (BST) was founded in 2002, as part of the newly established College of Life Science, on the initiative of Division of Agricultural Production in Department of Agricultural Chemistry, and Institute of Biochemical Sciences in College of Science. The matriculation of first year students commenced from 2003. The Department is aiming to pursue excellence in education in preparing students for future career in academic research or application of biotechnology in industry. The graduates are expected to be equipped with strong background in Biology and Chemistry and be prepared to the ever-increasing challenge in the fields of basic research and scientific discovery. And also, the graduates are expected to know how to transform their knowledge to practical application in the development of biotechnological value products. To achieve these two goals, the courses are designed to contain both extensive basic knowledge and intensive experiments.
The research in the Department covered a wide range including biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, bio-industry, fermentation, food science and nutrition. The members of the faculty are not only dedicated to teaching, but also gain fruitful outcome of research. The Department gained a special position among similar departments in Taiwan for the following outstanding features in teaching: First, the Department emphasizes both Biology and Chemistry. Second, the Department coordinates basic research and practical application. And third, all the living systems, animal, plant and microorganisms, are employed in teaching and training.
The Department has set the following focuses as future development: (1) Research in functional genomics, biochemical metabolism, gene regulation and basic microbiology and molecular biology; (2)Utilization of microorganisms and eukaryotes as tools for the production of biotechnology value products; (3) Evaluation the practical usefulness of biotechnological products. (4) Development of the processes for industrialized biotechnology products. In facing with the emerging fields of biochemical science and technology in the new era, the Department is committed to form a strong partnership with the bio-industry to push the economic growth. In the mean time, the Department will pursue excellence in research to form a beneficial cycle between research and application.