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Distinguished Professor Ja-An Annie Ho
  • 發布單位:Department of Biochemical Science and Technology

Ja-An Annie Ho Professor

Ja-An Annie Ho

Title Distinguished Professor
Education Ph.D., Cornell University
Research Expertise Biosensor development, Targeted drug delivery system development, Bioanalytical chemistry
LAB BioAnalytical Chemistry and Nanobiomedicine Lab. (AC2-307)
TEL +886-2-3366-4438
Personal webpage


Highlight I Liposomes in Flow Injection Systems

1. Application of Liposomal Bioluminescent Label in the Development of Flow Injection ImmunoAnalytical System [Anal. Chem200577 (11), 3431–3436]; illustrated in Figure 2
2. Application of Ganglioside‐Sensitized Liposomes in a Flow Injection Immunoanalytical System for the Determination of Cholera Toxin [Anal. Chem200779 (1), 246–250].



圖二 (A) Schematic representation of a Flow‐Injection Liposome Immunoanalytical (FILIA) system with bioluminescence detection. (B) Reproducibility of the bioluminescence signal.


Highlight II Development of Electrochemial Immunosensors

1. Electrochemical Immunosensor for Cholera Toxin Using Liposomes and poly(3,4‐ ethylenedioxythiophene)‐Coated Carbon Nanotubes [Anal. Chem200678 (4), 1115–1121]; illustrated in Figure 3.
2. Dual Electrochemical Determination of Glucose and Insulin Using Enzyme and Ferrocene Microcapsules [Biosens. Bioelectron200722, 1147–1153]; illustrated in Figure 4.





圖三 (A) Schematic representation of an electrochemical immunosensor for cholera toxin. (B) Calibration plot for cholera toxin. Inset: Linear portion of the main curve.


圖四 Schematic representation of the encapsulation, biolabeling, and detection of glucose and insulin.


Highlight III Liposomes in Immunoaffinity Chromatographic Biosensors

1. Using Liposomal Fluorescent Biolabels To Develop an Immunoaffinity Chromatographic Biosensing System for Biotin [Anal. Chem200880 (16), 6405–6409]; illustrated in Figure 5.

圖五 Schematic representation of the operation of an immunosensor for the detection of biotin.


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