Ai-Yu Wang
Retired Professors
Job Title Professor
Name Ai-Yu Wang
Office Tel No. 02-3366-4521
Email aywang@ntu.edu.tw
Education Doctor, Inst Agric Chem, National Taiwan University(1984~1989)
Research Expertise Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Teaching Field Molecular Biology, Biochemistry A, Biotechnology Core Techniques
Location Biochemistry Lab.
Tel(Lab) +886-2-3366-4521
Fax +886-2-2366-0434
  • Doctor, Inst Agric Chem, National Taiwan University(1984/09 ~ 1989/06)
  • Bachelor, Dept Agric Chem, National Taiwan University(1980/09 ~ 1984/06)
  • Taipei Municipal First Girls’ Senior High School(1977/09 ~ 1980/06)
  • Chair, Dept Biochem Sci Tech (BST) (2016/08 ~ now)
  • Professor, Dept Biochem Sci Tech (BST) (2009/08 ~ now)
  • Professor, Institute Microbiol Biochem (mbc) (2003/08~2009/07)
  • Professor, Dept Agric Chem(1999/08 ~ 2003/07)
  • Associate Professor, Dept Agric Chem(1999/08 ~ 2003/07)
  • Post-doc Res, Dept Microbiology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(1989/08 ~ 1993/07)
  • Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University (2013)
  • Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (2012)
  • Good Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (2011)
  • Good Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (2009)
  • Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (2006)
  • Good Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (2005)
  • Good Teaching Award, National Taiwan University (2004)
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