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Distinguished Professor Ja-An Annie Ho

Ja-An Annie Ho Professor

Ja-An Annie Ho

Title Distinguished Professor
Education Ph.D., Cornell University
Research Expertise Biosensor development, Targeted drug delivery system development, Bioanalytical chemistry
LAB BioAnalytical Chemistry and Nanobiomedicine Lab. (AC2-307)
TEL +886-2-3366-4438
Personal webpage


Highlight I Liposomes in Flow Injection Systems

1. Application of Liposomal Bioluminescent Label in the Development of Flow Injection ImmunoAnalytical System [Anal. Chem200577 (11), 3431–3436]; illustrated in Figure 2
2. Application of Ganglioside‐Sensitized Liposomes in a Flow Injection Immunoanalytical System for the Determination of Cholera Toxin [Anal. Chem200779 (1), 246–250].



Highlight II Development of Electrochemial Immunosensors

1. Electrochemical Immunosensor for Cholera Toxin Using Liposomes and poly(3,4‐ ethylenedioxythiophene)‐Coated Carbon Nanotubes [Anal. Chem200678 (4), 1115–1121]; illustrated in Figure 3.
2. Dual Electrochemical Determination of Glucose and Insulin Using Enzyme and Ferrocene Microcapsules [Biosens. Bioelectron200722, 1147–1153]; illustrated in Figure 4.


Highlight III Liposomes in Immunoaffinity Chromatographic Biosensors

1. Using Liposomal Fluorescent Biolabels To Develop an Immunoaffinity Chromatographic Biosensing System for Biotin [Anal. Chem200880 (16), 6405–6409]; illustrated in Figure 5.



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