Ning-Sing Shaw
Full-Time,Professor,Nutritional Biochemistry
Job Title Professor
Name Ning-Sing Shaw
Office Tel No. 02-3366-5900
Email nsshaw@ntu.edu.tw
Education Doctor, Food Science and Technology, Cornell University(1978~1984)
Research Expertise Nutrition biochemistry, Mineral nutrition, Nutrition assessment
Teaching Field Food and nutrition, Engineering development and social trend, Minerals nutrition, Food and nutrition introduction
Location Applied and Translational Nutrition Lab.(AC2-412)
Tel(Lab) +886-2-3366-9660
  • Doctor, Food Science and Technology, Cornell University(1978/09~1984/01)
  • Master. Inst Agric Chem, National Taiwan University(1976/09~1978/06)
  • Bachelor, Dept Agric Chem, National Taiwan University(1972/09~1976/06)
  • Professor, Dept Biochem Sci Tech (BST)(2003/08~now)
  • Professor, Institute Microbiol Biochem (mbc)(2003/08~now)
  • Professor, Dept Agric Chem(1994/08 ~2003/08)
  • Associate Prof, Dept Agric Chem(1988/02~1994/07)
  • Associate Prof, Dept Biochemistry, National Yang Ming University(1986/08~1988/01)
  • Associate Prof, Dept Nutrition and Food Sciences, Fu Jen Catholic University(1984/02~1986/07)
  • Nutritionist, National Professional Qualification(1996)
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